Korutest (The Chalmers DST)

Korutest Limited is a “spin off” company incorporated in New Zealand and setup to develop and market the Chalmers DST corrugated board torsional stiffness tester. The DST was invented by Ian Chalmers at Scion Research (the NZ Government Crown Research Institute for forestry and forest products, was FRI) and patented by them.

Ian Chalmers is the principal of Korutest Limited and has had a career in the Paper and Packaging Industry for all his working life. He spent 27 years with NZ Forest Products Ltd, 10 years in the technical side of making paper and paperboard and 17 years in customer liaison and product development.

His last 6 years at NZFP (CHH) were as Packaging Research Manager in the Technology Division. For 17 years he was a Senior Scientist at Scion working in the paperboard packaging area. His expertise has been in cyclic humidity performance of corrugated board along with the conversion and printability of paper based materials.

Ian is a full member of Appita and Tappi and has attended all the Cyclic Humidity Creep Symposiums held in conjunction with Tappi, FPL, STFI, EFPG etc. Through Scion, Ian hosted the 1997 Symposium in Rotorua, New Zealand.

Korutest is committed to the development, manufacture, sales and marketing of the Chalmers DST which we believe to be the most superior corrugated board testing instrument of all time. The Chalmers DST is the only quality control device you can use to guarantee the continual peak performance of your boxes in the service environment. Typically we expect your plant to transfer a minimum of $100,000 from raw material costs to your bottom line per annum. We understand corrugated box manufacture, we can help.

Companies associated with Korutest Limited are: 
PEC (manufacturers)
Stratatec (industrial design)
A.J.Park (Patent Attorneys)

Our customers are major corrugators based in the USA, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Oceania. We look forward to helping you make the best product you can and transfer costs into profit.

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